As part of our course instruction we visit a local market to  learn  abour  local  exotic
fruits  and  vegetables .  There  are  always  an  abundance  of  new  things  to   see.
At Sompong Original Thai Cooking School, you will find that we use only the freshest
ingrediets purchased on the same day that we use them. Further, our cooking  areas
and utensils are kept well cleaned and are sanitized daily.

Our cooking instructor will skillfully demonstrate methods and steps of  Thai  cookey
from  ingredient  preparations  to  the  actual  cooking .  Class   partiipants   will   be 
encouraged to undertake  the  task  of  grounding  pastes ,  chopping  up  meat  and
vegetables, stir-frying, deep-frying and  stewing  food  and  finally  proudly  taste  the
most delicious dishes they have ever cooked. We hope that you will  join  our  family
and start a cooking tradition of your own, which you can pass along  to  your  friends
and relatives.

Sompong Original Thai Cooking School offers you an  opportunity  to  learn  how  to
cook  real  Thai  food  in  a  traditional  Thai  setting  ,   with   skilled   and   friendly
teachers who can impart the secrets of Thai cooking to  you  in  a  fun  atmosphere.

Our staff emphasizes a friendly teaching style centered  on  actually  doing ,  rather
than watching . We guarantee that by the time you complete our course you will not
only have learned a thing or two about Thai cooking but will also  have  had  a  most
memorable experience.
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